Due to the fashion carousel not chilling out, Fashion Industry became one of the biggest threats to the environment. Recycling is still very complicated and 99% of clothes ends up on garbage dump. Let´s try to do things better.   

Our new collection was created with that thought and we named it „Try it better with Tencel™". It is the first collection that made us more than just think. Months of seeking for the right information and contacts, so we could do the least harm possible to the environment and to the Mother Earth.

Without no doubt, the material winner of all the competitors is Tencel™. To get this certified material, we addressed the company Lenzig, which was certainty of sustainability and guarantee of quality. Company Lenzig, which produces fibre for Tencel material production, provided us prime suppliers of material and we have chosen the one, that was closest to the origin of design and the first samples – supplier from Aarhus, Denmark.

The very first samples and designs are now being created in the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen, where sustainability and sense for the environment is part of natural lifestyle of Danish people.

Products are still being made and stored in Czech Republic, in Česká Skalice, where we know, they are being made with love and quality, so they will last forever. After that, the products are ready to go to you – our customers. And we hope, that you will love the products as we do, and you will look after them the way, we recommend, so they can last for the longest time possible.


Unfortunately, we can´t say the whole collection is 100% sustainable. Material Tencel™ consists of 4% of elastan, which is still the part of lingerie we can´t replace, for now. Also, the other components such as elastics band and openings (that came to us from Czech Republic and Poland) are not considered as sustainable.