Where do we make the pieces you wear?



The products, which are made in Denmark in Copenhagen, are made and designed in the smallest and most modest workshop (room). And in the workshop of the founder of the LNKrules brand - Elena. Still, a lot of products that you buy on the e-shop pass through the hands of Elena, who can't let go of her craft and makes it for you with the utmost care.

Why did she choose Denmark for her temporary life and she doesn't work for you from the Czech Republic? It is very important to gather inspiration where you are well and where you have something to admire. People here are enthusiastic about fashion and their approach to both fashion itself and the environment is unique. 


Česká Skalice 

It all started in 2015, when the owner of the workshop Lucie built a large workshop step by step from a small rented shop in Prague! Over time, the workshop moved to eastern Bohemia to the town of Česká Skalice, where over twenty seamstresses still work in the building of the former old mill. We can say with certainty that Lucie does her craft with love as best she can.



Czech Switzerland

A family company that has been respectfully following the work of its ancestors for over 160 years.

They demand quality not only from their employees, but also from proven and long-term partners. The people who make these products for you are tenacious, creative, hardworking and capable. They know very well that it is important to use and follow the latest modern technologies, but they also do not forget about quality and careful handwork.


We manufacture all the products we offer so that they last as long as possible.

However, if you want to give your piece the longest possible life, we recommend that you follow our recommended advice.

Make sure you wear the right size and the material does not stretch proportionally!

Remember that lace lingerie can very easily get stuck on the jewelry you wear!

Always wash according to the relevant instructions given on the product and in our e-shop!

Never use a tumble dryer! 

Remember, proper maintenance can increase the life of your product!